“Sharing about music, movies and all things pop culture is where great conversations begin.”


Popping The Culture Bubble

My affection for pop culture is deep. It started way back when. I have always enjoyed digesting and discussing content about films, music and all forms of entertainment. I enjoyed learning about composers and directors. Actively taking in facts about television shows and bands, albums, and obscure trivia. I just had a pension for wanting to gather as much knowledge and information about all things media. After years of consuming all of these things. My brain is now filled with countless tidbits of pop culture trivia.

So, the Ed Pops Culture channel will focus and reflect on all of these things. From forgotten films, to one hit wonders, to sharing about the demise of the double sided hit and the VHS tape. This channel will give you things to think about, and some fun and insightful knowledge pellets for you to chew on.

I thank you for taking part in this experiment and journey with me. My hope is that we can build a community and better world though the sharing of some of these fun and interesting takes on pop culture.

Until the morrow…